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Jewellery Care Kit
Jewellery Care Kit
Jewellery Care Kit
Jewellery Care Kit
Jewellery Care Kit
7 Nautical LLP
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  • Jewellery Care Kit
  • Jewellery Cleaner
Country of origin: India
Manufacturer name: Shinde Chemicals Private Limited
Packing partner: 7 Nautical LLP

Short Description:

1) Instant Glow And Shine To Your Jewellery & Precious Metal.
2) No Harm Or Any Damage To Your Jewellery.
3) Do It At Home & Save Time As Well As No Threat Of Weight Loss.
4) 0 % Weight Loss Of Your Jewellery.
5) Keep Your Jewellery And Precious Metal Articles Brand New For A Long Time & Maintain Its Luster. 
6) Advance formulation specially developed in our in-house R & D unit. 
7) Appreciated By Known Temples & Jewellers In India.

Long Description:

On Special Occasions And Festivals With Glow Jewel Let Your Jeweller And Silver & Gold  Article Glow Like Brand New. Get Instant Shine & Glow By Cleaning It At Home Only. Save The Time And No Threat Of  Weight Loss In Metal.

About The Product: Glow Jewel Is An Advanced Formulation Designed To Give Back The Original Glow And Shine Of Your Jewellery And Precious Metal Article. It Removes All Tarnish Instantly & Effortlessly. The Product Stood Strong For More Than 50 Years Of Trust,Confidence And Legacy Of The Company. Product Is Being Developed In-House In Our R & D Lab After Spending Years Perfecting It.


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